Wednesday, June 12, 2013


All ready for the rehearsal. maddie danced the rehearsal, but decided that was all we were getting out of her!!



Doing her catcher thing!

Wont let that ball get past her

Great jump catch

anticipating the ball

Moms arm after It was hit with a bat! Fractured Elbow

Dented brand new bat

Practicing with her private coach



Her Team!

Long Year

This past year has been long. But We have made it through it with our heads held high! There is so much just from the last couple weeks to share. Emily Promoted the 6th grade. Aubrie and Madison had a Dance Recital. Emily's softball team to the award for good sportsmanship. Myself I am still working and still in school.Although school would be easier ane better if I could just pass this Math test!!!. Well I think I will post some fabulous pictures now!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I am a slacker!

So I noticed that I havent been very good at updating the blog. So much has been going on in my life it has just seem to pass me by. Emily turned 11 this year! What a big milestone! She is getting to be such a big girl and even had her first maturation program this year! Yikes!!! She is once again doing softball and is totally loving it. Aubrie just had her preformance in the ballet Giselle. She of course did fab! Maddie well is Maddie! School has been keeping me really busy. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I should be starting my student teaching by the end of the year, fingers crossed! With all that going on and Adam now truck driving, I am super busy, but i promise to try and update more often!

Saturday, December 31, 2011


Christmas just seemed to come out of the blue this year! With alot going on i lost track of time and neglected to make all my treats that we normally hand out. Oh well there is always next year. The sat before christmas we went to see the Temple lights with Adams younger brothers family and he older sisters too. It was great fun as Aubrie and Mackay are like stuck together like glue when they get together. Monday the 19th was Adams 42st birthday and we spent it at Zoolights with My older brother and his family and my mom. That was alot of fun. Even the 17 year olds had a good time! On the 21st my little sister flew in from North Carolina to spend the holidays with us. Emily, Aubrie, and I picked her up on the 22nd and went and had a hair day! That was great fun! The 23rd we went to my brothers house in Grantsville. We started the night by Santa coming for a visit! That was fun as everyone that wanted a gift had to sit with santa! Even my Dad!!And then we did family pictures out in their yard. Everyone was wearing some type of red!( as this Family bleeds red!!)( of course it isnt just for the U either!! My nephew played for Grantsville high football too!) We then went in and did more pics in front of the fireplace. And to round it all off we all got funky jammie bottoms and black shirts and had a few pics taken in the theater room!! That was a blast! We finished off with a yummy dinner and games typical jensen fun! Christmas eve found Adam at work for a little bit and then we headed down to my parents. We had a good dinner and then it was present time. My sister had decided that they were coming out christmas afternoon to bring her presents for the girls out. So Keri ( my sil) and i along with my mom decided it would be fun to do the 12 days of christmas for Tiffany. We had the fancy boxes that have the song versues on them and she had to sing the verse to open the box. After she would open 1 someone else would get one. By the time she got to the 12th day everyone was singing and as she opened the box all she found was a little black box. See Tiff had been telling me for a while that she wished she had a pair of nice square diamond earrings. So i decided i would get her some for her birthday next year and went to put them on layaway. Well i told my Sil about it and she said no way we are doing it for christmas. So when tiff opened the box she just couldnt believe it. The tears were flowing and so were the hugs. I think she liked her gifts! Christmas morning came and the girls woke us up at 6am went to their stockings and then got ready for church. Not one complaint! After church we opened the gifts ( having to take 2 intermissions to clean up paper!!) I think the girls were very very happy! My parents and mys sister came out to deliever a few other gifts. My sister got Emily a new softball bat! She loves it! She got Madison a 16 inch goofy doll! She is in love with goofy!! And then she did probably one of the greatest things ever for Aubrie. She got her tickets to the Nutcracker by ballet west for the 26th! Aubrie was extatic! She got dressed up on monday and went and had a great time!